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Builder Packages

Your time is valuable and we know it. Since 1972, EVP Appliances and its Affiliates have prided itself on its speed, efficiency, and convenience. Combine this with great pricing and expert knowledge and you’ll see that choosing EVP Appliances to supply your kitchen and home appliances is a winning move.

Our ongoing mission is to be the kitchen and home appliance supplier of choice for every facet of the construction industry. In that quest, we have created a number of key functions that provide value to the home builder that sets us apart from and above our competitors.

Here are the reasons why EVP Appliances is one of the best in the industry in kitchen and home appliance supply:

  • Over 40 Years of Appliance and Builder supply experience.
  • Over 500 stores to serve our clients in our footprint.
  • A company – wide focus on Builders and the construction industry.
  • Our Core Business is supplying Builders
  • 21 million in inventory at our disposal.
  • We will accommodate your busy schedule and meet you at the location and time most convenient for you.
  • We are focused on every aspect of the builder supply market: Apartment, Multi and Single Family sales.
  • We have the knowledge to assist you no matter what part of the market you service.
  • EVP Appliances markets in excess of 40 different brands.
  • Our brands cover the full extent of the market, from entry level to ultra-premium and specialty products.
  • Our reps provide everything you need to know about the appliances for your project.
  • From specs and install instructions, to electrical/plumbing/ventilation reqs, we’ll provide all the answers.
  • EVP Appliances operates a fleet of more than 100 delivery trucks.
  • EVP Appliance has access to site management and logistics experts.
  • We’ll get your product to you on-time, anywhere you need it.
  • EVP’s warranty experts will ensure the home buying customer is satisfied.

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